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Off to a new college.

2011-06-02 15:42:45 by notalunchbox

I'm off to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to study Animation.
I plan on posting more frequently stuff on newgrounds since I'm going to be drawing lots.
I'll start posting some music stuff, since I just started fooling around with it last week, and hope to get a lot better soon. I'm planning putting some of music stuff, with my drawing stuff, to create my stuff.
I'm trying everything too, orchestral, techno, electronica, etc.

It'll be fun.
I hope.

Ello World :D

2010-09-24 01:05:58 by notalunchbox

My name is Jose Cintron, and I'm currently a New Media Student at RIT. I made an account on newgrounds because one of my major classes is Flash Animation.

And I'm here to show you my work, and my awesome shit..